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Economic Inquiry

Economic Inquiry

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Professor, Graduate class of Economics, University of Tokyo, Tokyo 113?0033, Japan

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Corresponding Author, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Sogang University, Seoul 4107, South Korea

An early on form of this paper was publicly circulated within the working paper show from Harvard company class (March 2012), IZA (April 2012), in addition to Center on Japanese Economy and Business at Columbia University (2012). We thank Lisa Dettling, Jihye Kam, Younggun Na, Akiko Nasuda, Dimitri Silva, Akiko Togawa, and Seon younger Yoon with their research that is excellent support. We benefitted through the helpful conversations with seminar and conference individuals, specially with Ran Abramitzky, Francisca Antman, Dan Hamermesh, John Ham, Jeanne Lafortune, Shelly Lundberg, Claudia Olivetti, Jessica Pan, and Aloysius Siow. (more…)