Microgreens are one stage more mature than sprouts, they are seedlings that have been exposed to light to allow chlorophyll to be produce in the first 2 leaves (cotyledon leaves). This is when the young herb or vegetable contains the highest concentration of nutrients. Anywhere from 4 to 40 times.

Our microgreens are harvest fresh per order, this ensures the maximum shelf life. In a refrigerated environment, they can last from 7-10 days.

Our greens are washed and Air dried, this removes any soil residue or organisms that coincide with the seedlings as they grow. The process of washing our greens is a contributing factor to their longevity.

Once was viewed as a garnish for high end restaurants, microgreens made their break when studies proved their nutritional density meaning typically they have more concentrated sources of vitamins and minerals, whilst they are very low in calories (energy) – about 29kcal per 100g. With modern farming practises microgreens can be produced all your round, proving the much need nutrition for the modern world. From a culinary perspective they still are used as a garnish but also now an active ingredient providing the flavour and texture to the dish. Their versatility is another factor that makes them unique in the kitchen.

No need to at all. Eating them RAW gives the maximum fresh crunch and flavour.

Microgreens are most certainly child friendly, they are far less daunting for a child compared to broccoli or Brussel sprouts. They also provide a child with a nutritional boost without them realising it. They can also be added to fruit smoothies and school sandwiches.

Our greens are grown organically in a vermiculite and peat medium. No chemicals our fertilisers are added or sprayed. Another big plus is that our punnets are made from PLA (polylactic acid) its a plastic polymer deferred from cornstarch and is 100% compostable.